An idea that became a powerful community

Image showing Tash Courtenay-Smith

The photo above might be blurry, but during that (slightly drunken) night in Ibiza, the idea for DTC LIVE was born.

Two years later, DTC LIVE has grown to become a powerful and influential eCom community.

It started with our first London conference in November 2021, where around 120 brands and tech platforms gathered to hear from some illustrious speakers and network with supportive sponsors.

It made an immediate and telling impact.

And what became clear was that there were isolated eco-systems all across the UK eCom landscape – from brands and tech platforms to investors.

The need for a collaborative platform and supportive, inspirational community was clear, where connections could be made and mutual growth could be enjoyed.

That's exactly what DTC LIVE has become – in just two years. At the end of 2023, we had delivered...

94 newsletters
20 Gamechangers workshops
5 flagship London conferences
2 Royal Ascot summer socials

And we're not stopping there – DTC LIVE is growing fast.

Across those five DTC LIVE conferences, more than 1,200 attendees have made genuine, lasting connections.

I feel so lucky that over the course of my career, which has spanned national media, creating and selling businesses, eCom and tech alongside board positions and investments, I’ve met and worked with so many incredible entrepreneurs as well as positively impacted so many people.  

Now, through DTC LIVE, we’re able to reach, talk to and influence an elite group of C-suite brand decision makers, eCom marketing teams, consumer brand investors and technology pioneers at scale.  

Our forward-thinking audience always want to know the latest trends, success stories and must-dos in eCom and business, as well as hear from other individuals who are walking the same path alongside and ahead of them.  

That’s why we’ve already attracted the likes of TikTok, Wayflyer, Gorgias and One Pilot as partners and our events are known for having strong attendance from key decision makers at brands.

We’re clear about what we’re delivering: Insights from incredible entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, memorable events and experiences.

And we’re looking forward to having you join us on our journey.

Tash Courtenay-Smith, DTC Live founder
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