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What is the Edit Squad?

The Edit Squad is distillation of best production practice from more than seven years of working with hundreds of brands.

DTC LIVE has recruited, trained and oversee scalable pods of editors using our Learning Management System and a suite of time and money-saving AI and tech tools to augment capabilities.  

The Edit Squad follow processes and systems to ensure maximum output and efficiency. All editors are regularly trained by our Creative Director on key trends, editing styles and uplevelling their knowledge of DTC.

Graphic linking to a Linkedin post from Tash Courtenay-SmithGraphic linking to a Linkedin post from Tash Courtenay-SmithGraphic linking to a Linkedin post from Tash Courtenay-Smith

Seemless onboarding

Time-saving automation

Continuous training

'Content creation is the most significant bottleneck we have – despite having in-house resources and material...'
CEO and multiple brand operator

Solving your brand's content production pain in three steps


Your own pool of editors, ready at lightning speed

  • Onboarded with all your brand guidelines and knowledge.

  • Expertly trained through our leading content specialists.

  • High-quality editors – only 10% of applicants accepted to progress.

  • Post as many times as you need to consistently, without worrying about resources.


A collaborative partnership

  • Refined from award-winning agency creative processes.

  • You have control of all assets created and published.

  • Capacity to scale production up and down as needed by your brand.

  • Increase your brand's chances of virality by showing up everywhere at high velocity.


Utilising AI and driving efficiency

  • Our Edit Squad tech stack includes the latest technology and AI video editing tools.

  • Automated distribution across key platforms, controlled by you.

  • Get more from your existing content and assets through AI refinement.

How the Edit Squad compares with a full-time hire or agency

The Edit Squad with DTC LIVE
Agency or full-time hire
£1,300 per month
£7,500 per month for two in-house video editors
Time to results
Four weeks
Three-to-five months to find and onboard
The Edit Squad is a low-risk solution that is helping 100s of brands use vertical format publishing to dominate their channels
Many agencies push contracts with no guarantee of success, while a bad hire can you set you back months and cost you substantial money
Commitment from you
The Edit Squad includes an easy-to-learn onboarding process and you can decide how much of your own time you wish to commit to
Hiring and managing a new team member or agency partner can be a full-time job

Give yourself an unfair advantage, using vertical format publishing to dominate organic and paid channels


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