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What is the Playbook?

Value within a business comes from having a best-in-class eCom team.

But building one and then empowering them to drive revenue and cope with the constantly changing nature of eCom platforms isn't easy.

The Playbook provides a people review, guidance and training you need to elevate your in-house eCom team and ensure your brand moves forward with confidence.

Playbook results: The Inkey List

increase in revenue from email marketing
reduction in days between re-purchase

Playbook results: ON Group

increase in the pace of production
reduction in team's siloed working

By the end of the Playbook, your team will:

Operate to improved business processes across your eCom team

Understand the key metrics that drive eCom stability

Identify and resolve potential friction between teams

Benchmark your brand against others in your niche

Improve cross-functional working across brand and DTC teams

Understand how storytelling through the funnel can reduce CPAs

Register your interest in the Playbook

The Playbook is tailored to your brand and team’s needs.

We offer three levels of Playbook to cover the most challenging aspects of upskilling an in-house DTC team.

Investment depends upon factors including your team size, number of territories you are operating across, number of channels you are operating on and ad spend.

It also depends on our strategic involvement and whether or not we are taking on an interim growth leadership position in your business for the length of your Playbook.

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